What You Give When You Give

In the spirit of giving back, we hope you will make a gift today. Your support has a big impact on Legal Aid and the communities we help in western Missouri. We cannot do it without you!

When you give people access to justice, it changes every aspect of their lives. It gives them opportunities that stretch far beyond the benefits of free legal aid. Your support gives them hope, opportunity and community — to name a few.



Michael lives in Kansas City’s urban core and dreams of one day becoming a teacher. That wasn’t always a reality. Michael has asthma and the apartment he shared with his mom and three sisters was full of mold. With help from Legal Aid, Michael’s mother convinced the landlord to let them out of their lease and the family now lives in a safe, clean home. Michael spends less time in the emergency room and more time focusing on his studies and working toward his goals. 

For Michael and others like him, your support provides a better future.


Betty and Charles love their inner-city neighborhood and take pride in their home of 40 years. Next door, an abandoned house overshadowed the positive aspects of their block. The house attracted crime and made neighbors fearful. Legal Aid helped the neighborhood association acquire the blighted property. The newly rehabbed home now houses a young veteran and his wife. Today, Betty and Charles’ block is a stable place to live and raise a family.

For Betty and Charles, your support means community.


At eight years old, Medley was living more like an adult than a kid. Her father was in prison and her heroin-addicted mother was in and out of rehab.  Medley spent most of her time making her own meals, getting herself ready for school — and taking care of her mother. But that changed when Legal Aid helped Medley’s grandparents petition for permanent guardianship. Now, Medley gets to live like a kid should.

For Medley and others like her, your support brings childhood.


For years, Valerie lived in fear of her abusive husband. He controlled the money and refused to let her to work. She wanted to leave, but lacked the resources to live on her own. Legal Aid gave Valerie the fresh start she needed, but could not afford. Today, Valerie has her own apartment, a job she loves and is living free from abuse. Valerie now has the freedom to dream a little bigger.

For Valerie and others like her, your support means hope.



Without your support, thousands of Missouri’s most vulnerable would have no access to an increasingly complex justice system. With your support, we make the justice system one step closer to being accessible to everyone.

We cannot do it without you.

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