Friends of Legal Aid of Western Missouri

Equal justice under the law is a right, not a privilege.

There are 25 attorneys in the U.S. for every 6,400 people. And each American is guaranteed the constitutional right to legal representation and fair treatment. But for people living in poverty, there is only one attorney for every 6,400 people. How is this fair?

Now, more than ever, we need people like you to help ensure justice for all.

Legal Aid of Western Missouri closed more than 12,000 cases last year – but that was only one-fourth of the number of people who needed help. And Legal Aid is the only organization in our region that provides the kind of legal representation in non-criminal cases that those people need.

Who are “those people”?

They are older men and women who, having worked their whole lives and injured in some way, are for some reason not receiving their disability checks.

They are (mostly) women and children fleeing domestic abuse.

They are veterans unable to access the health care benefits they need.

They are families facing wrongful eviction from their homes.

There are many more examples for these are people facing legal barriers that most of us don’t have to worry about. They deserve competent help facing their civil court issues.

That’s why Friends of Legal Aid of Western Missouri was created. Our Friends help spread the word about this valuable organization. Their advocacy helps Legal Aid help ordinary people who seek to protect their families, their homes, and their livelihoods – out of (first, if possible) and in court.

There is no fee to join Friends of Legal Aid. But as a member, here’s what you’ll be asked to do:

  • Learn more about Legal Aid and what we do to serve those living in poverty throughout western Missouri.
  • Tell your friends. Help spread the word and educate others about this vital service, and advocate for its support.
  • Attend our annual Justice for All Luncheon and invite your friends and colleagues to attend with you. (We’ll provide you with materials and email messages that you can personalize and send to others as a personal endorsement of this worthy cause.)
  • If you’re able, provide financial support for Legal Aid so that we are able to provide legal support to more people in our region who need our help.

As a Friend of Legal Aid, you’ll receive:

  • Your name listed on our website and in the program at our Justice for All Luncheon.
  • Quarterly updates on the work Legal Aid is doing and the people who are being helped.
  • Invitations to all Legal Aid events, including an annual reception exclusively for Friends of Legal Aid.

For more information about how you can join, please contact Kathleen Holmes.

Thank you for advocating for justice for each person in our community!

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