pairs urban core neighborhoods in Kansas City w/ private law firms. The firms, on a no-charge, pro bono basis, act as general counsel for the neighborhoods.


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Join us for the 21st Annual Bar Plan Foundation Charity Golf Tournament for The Benefit of The Volunteer Attorney Project.

We need attorneys and paralegals

who are interested in meeting to discuss how we can best serve young adults who were adopted or have aged out of the foster care system.


Our 18th annual JFA Luncheon was a big success. Thank you!

Client Success StoriesWhen we work together, amazing things happen


LEGAL AID HELPED CHERYL COMBAT A FRAUDULENT PAYDAY LENDER Cheryl a sixty-four year old woman and for the first time in her life, she was being sued and it was by a payday loan company. Cheryl was worried about how this would impact her ability to maintain her household. As a great-grandmother, she maintained a […]


MARIA TURNED TO LEGAL AID & KEPT HER TAX REFUND Maria contacted Legal Aid after she received an audit notice from the IRS regarding her 2013 tax return. She had never received a notice from the IRS before and only hoped she had not inadvertently done something wrong by claiming her grandchildren on her tax […]


JACK’S MEMORY ISSUES CREATED FINANCIAL HAVOC Jack, an elderly man with severe memory problems, first contacted our Joplin Legal Aid office for help with a housing issue. Jack had allowed an individual to live with him rent-free on the condition the tenant would manage Jack’s money and pay his bills. What Jack did not know […]


LOW INCOME TAXPAYER CLINIC SAVES THE DAY Mary Lee paid $50 per month toward her 2002 tax balance for years, even though her only sources of income were SSI, food stamps, and housing assistance. She thought she had finally made the last payment when the IRS sent her a new bill including penalties and interest […]

In the Spotlight


CHECK OUT OUR 2015 ANNUAL REPORT Every year, Legal Aid of Western Missouri provides free legal assistance and representation on civil (noncriminal) matters to thousands of your neediest neighbors in our 40-county service area. When they have nowhere else to turn, low-income families and individuals, elders, and people with disabilities look to Legal Aid for help […]


MARCH 24, 2016 WAS A BIG DAY FOR THE URBAN CORE OF KANSAS CITY Gregg Lombardi – Executive Director The City Council passed a $1.5 billion budget that makes revitalization of the urban core more of a priority for the City than it has been for many years. The City will devote $10 million to demolishing […]


REHABBING PROPERTIES HAS SEVERAL ADVANTAGES OVER DEMOLITION Gregg Lombardi – Executive Director Two days this week, the Kansas City Star has had front-page articles that discussed Police Chief Forte’s idea of demolishing abandoned and blighted properties as a way of reducing crime. It’s an attractive idea and I would like to suggest a way of […]

Full Lockup (Color)

LEGAL AID UNVEILS NEW LOGO We are proud to announce the launch of a new visual identity system as part of the ongoing evolution of Legal Aid’s brand position. Last year marked our 50th anniversary and we are looking ahead to the next 50 years. We feel this is the perfect time to evaluate our […]

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