Family Law & Domestic Violence Protection

Our experienced family law advocates help ensure lasting safety for survivors of domestic violence and their children. They provide legal representation to low-income victims of abuse that allows their clients to secure protective orders, establish paternity, obtain divorces and orders for child custody and support. Due to our limited resources, the family law cases we accept all involve domestic violence and primarily situations in which children are at risk.

From Legal Aid’s founding in 1964, domestic violence prevention has remained one of our top priorities. Effective legal representation like this, combined with our ability to refer clients to other community resources for assistance with non-legal matters, has proven to be one of the most effective means of stopping domestic violence.

With Legal Aid’s assistance, domestic violence survivors are able to achieve physical safety and financial security. With this support, victims are more likely to leave their abusers and have the personal and financial capacity to establish a life free from abuse.

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