How We Help People

We provide services exclusively in civil (non-criminal) matters. Because we do not have the resources to handle every eligible client’s case, our staff must choose those cases in which our representation will have a significant impact on the client. Clients are never charged attorney fees but may be required to pay court costs and filing fees when applicable.

We represent clients and advance the interests of low-income Missourians by:

  • Representing our clients in courts and administrative hearings;
  • Providing advice or referral information when we can’t provide representation;
  • Assisting clients with community-based economic development;
  • Providing legal education through community workshops, help-lines and written materials; and
  • Providing professional training in for attorneys, advocates and others.

Our main practice areas include: (the below will be links to pages)

In addition to individual casework, we manage special projects designed to concentrate services in areas of particular need in our client community.

Learn more about how we help people by reading stories about actual clients.

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