Nathan, 33, was referred to the Kansas City Municipal Court’s Mental Health Court in January 2014. He was charged with possession of marijuana, destruction of property and simple assault. Nathan obtained a Legal Aid attorney and was advised of his options and the Mental Health Court program.

After a diagnosis of schizophrenia, Nathan began the program in April. Nathan tested positive for marijuana at his first court monitoring appointment. Through ReDiscover, Nathan obtained a case manager and they discussed relapse prevention techniques to help him achieve marijuana abstinence.

Throughout Nathan’s participation, he was treatment and medication compliant. He attended all scheduled court appearances and did not get any new charges. His subsequent drug screenings were negative for all illegal substances. Nathan completed the Mental Health Court program in October.

The court had required Nathan to pay restitution as a program condition. However, the victim declined to accept payment after hearing about Mental Health Court and its focus on solving problems of mentally ill defendants. Still, Nathan brought a money order to court on the day of graduation showing a good faith effort in recognizing he had potentially harmed someone. Upon completion of the program, Nathan’s tickets were dismissed.

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