Bill and Cindy are an elderly couple living in South Kansas City. After a series of health issues affecting Bill, they fell behind in their mortgage payments and were at risk of foreclosure. Their home was also in need of a number of repairs that Bill could not fix as he would have done in the past.

When they first met with their Legal Aid attorney, they discussed methods of saving their home as well as how to raise the funds necessary to repair some of those issues that they were experiencing with their home. Their Legal Aid attorney advised them that one possible solution would be to file their Missouri Property Tax Credit claims to request a refund of the amount that they had paid in property taxes for the past three years. Their attorney prepared and filed their Missouri Property Tax Credit claims and also worked with them to apply for a mortgage modification with their mortgage company.

Bill and Cindy received their property tax refunds in excess of $3,000. At that same time, they received approval for a Trial Period Plan on their mortgage, which required them to make three trial payments to their mortgage company before getting their mortgage permanently modified. With the mortgage in consideration for a permanent modification, Bill and Cindy used their property tax refund to pay for necessary repairs to their home. They used their regular monthly income to make their “trial period payments.”

After three months of making their trial period payments on time, their mortgage company offered a permanent mortgage modification with lower payments and interest rate. This stopped the foreclosure sale and brought their mortgage current. Through the help of their Legal Aid attorney, Bill and Cindy were able to save their home and make necessary repairs. They hope to stay in their home for many more years.

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